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Leventina valley


Cavagnago is located in the Leventina Valley, one of the so-called upper valley in the North of Canton Ticino. The valley extends for a length of almost fifty km from the St. Gotthard massif, with mountain peaks reaching more than 3'000 meters (9'842.52 feet), down to the vineyards at only just 300 meters (984.25 feet) above sea level.

Due to its position of connection in the heart of the Alps, it is an important way of communication between North and South of Europe. The St. Gotthard pass, also known as the "people's road", can nowadays be easily climbed over by the road and the historical Via della Tremola in summer, while during the winter it is possible to get it over through the amazing railway or highway tunnels, among the longest in the world.

At first sight, the Leventina joins contradictory characteristics, such as a convenient access and the peculiarity of a lively mountain village, the facility of communications and the richness of the landscape as well as a charming nature, the rudeness of a still rural world and the proposal of quiet life. The large pinewoods and fir woods are green lungs that purify the air and offer a suitable place for leisure, recreation, relax and sport.

In summer the valley offers an abundance of sun, fresh waters, the green colour of the meadows and the pastures, the limpid light of the mountains. In winter the charm of blue and white expanses invites to ski or to go for walks with snow-shoes. The net of paths is very vast (about 600 km, 372.82 mi), the landscape, wild or marked by the presence of man, is strong and suggestive.


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